Friday, June 4, 2010

I’m so proud! | Personal rantings

My best friend, Ashleigh, graduated on the 19th of April. After 5 years of studying, she is now a certified Interior Architect.

Now for most people, graduating is already a big deal and everyone is proud of the student achieving it, but I am especially proud of Ashleigh! She lives in Zimbabwe so for 5 years she travelled between countries to visit her family and help out on the farm during holidays, and then study and do part-time work during the semester.
Not to mention that the 5 years she spent studying were some of the hardest years she’s ever had.


Doesn’t she look smart with her gown

 I love this picture! Especially because everything except her facial expression is blurred!SONY DSC Jip, she let me wear her cap! She is THE coolest! :)

Ash, you are an incredibly inspiring woman! I have never met anyone with so much drive and determination. You give everything your best and always put other people first, and I know that you will reap the rewards generously!
Thank you for allowing me to experience this very special day with you.
And if no one else says it - know that I am proud of you!

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