Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I want one!

cowgirl-chic I am completely in love with the dress on the left!

But I promised myself I wouldn’t spend any unnecessary money... I have a honeymoon to save for!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I almost lost my dad...

At 22h30 the phone rang.
It was Sunday night - 18 July 2010- and I immediately knew something was wrong. No one ever phones that late.
My mom and brother were already in bed so I answer the phone and on the other side is my dad: “Can I speak to mom?”
My mom walks out of her room half asleep and asks who the hell is phoning this time of night. When I tell her it’s dad I notice she also expects the worst. The conversation I hear goes something like this:

”You’re joking?!”
”Well are you and Bianca okay?”
”Must I come fetch you?”
And then she puts down the phone and starts getting changed.
”Dad rolled his car...”

My dad was on the way back from dropping my sister off at YOYL and was about 5min away from home when suddenly there was a parked car in front of him on the highway - no lights, no hazards, no warning. My dad swerved in order to miss the car and lost control of the car. It rolled a few times.

So my mom is off to fetch my dad and I’m waiting to hear from them - no way I could sleep until they got home. I sat in the living room just praying that he’d be okay. Finally just after 12 I hear the gate open. I can’t even imagine what my dad is gonna look like.
In walks my dad with no trace that he was in an accident except for some tissue paper wrapped around 2 bloody fingers.
I’m shocked! How is this possible?! Later my mom comes and tells me that not only is it amazing that he didn’t break anything, frankly she can’t understand how he’s still alive. The car is completely destroyed.

The next morning I wake up and give my dad a big hug and tell him how happy I am that he’s still here and that he’ll still be able to give me away at my wedding. I ask him how he feels and he says, “You know, I don’t even have whiplash. Besides a few bruises I hardly feel like I was in an accident.”


I get to work and my gran asks me how my weekend was. I say “Oh, you clearly haven’t heard”. She gets all worried and asks, “Heard what?” I tell her that dad rolled his car the night before and after gasping she asks, “In which hospital is he?” and she doesn’t believe me when I tell her that he’s sitting upstairs with only 2 bandaged fingers.

Now I bet you’re all dying to know what the car looks like... Here it is.
(My mom took these photos)
           SAM_0673 SAM_0674 SAM_0676 SAM_0677 SAM_0678 SAM_0679 SAM_0687 SAM_0688My dad - with PLENTY to smile about! SAM_0697 SAM_0698










And some people don’t believe that miracles still happen...