Monday, June 8, 2009

I have been converted…

I used to be a cat person…
I say used to be because I have officially changed my mind – cat’s are selfish, lazy and even though I find them extremely cute, I won’t be getting myself one.
I changed my mind for 2 reasons:
1 – I watched Marley & Me. I know it sounds like a stupid reason but I realised just how much dogs care and how they do become as much a part of your life as any child would
2 – After coming home to Wihan’s house from a weekend away for his sisters birthday, we got out the car and their dog, Snowy, ran up and started barking and jumping around, clearly excited to see us. We took our bags inside and found the cat who immediately started meowing and wanting us to stroke him – so much for a warm welcome from the cat!

Therefore I have decided that even though cats are beautiful animals – I’d much rather get a pet that loves me more than it loves itself.

Here’s a photo of the cat – Sokkies – doing what he does best… Being lazy!SONY DSC

Happy Monday!


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