Friday, February 27, 2009

Tests, competitions & sleepless nights

Today I was going to post about the things that make my room special (the little paraphernalia that have sentimental value) but then I had to write my 1st photography test last night and then I fell asleep on the couch :$ So no photos were taken of my room but at least I finished my test.

I did not think that photography would be so hard! What makes it hard is that there's not really only one right answer! Just a better answer and a not-so-good one. So hopefully all my answers were the on the better side...

A while back I registered on where you can take part in competitions (almost daily) and I'm proud to say that 2 of my 4 photos have placed so far! It's not anything amazing but in my little world at least I'm getting noticed :)

Here are my pictures that I've entered so far:

This one entered in My Own Backyard placed 71st out of 104.

This one entered in Washed Ashore placed 11th out of 30.

This competition is still open for voting.

This competition is still open for voting.

My photos have also been added to favourites 3 times! YEAH! Hehe

This weekend my sister is coming home and hopefully I'll have lots of pretty family photos to share next week!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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