Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My computer hates me!

Dear cyber world...

The reason why the blog has been so quiet (more than usual I should say, seeing as I'm not the most frequent blogger) is because my computer hates me.
I'm convinced of it.
It started with my computer just deciding to kick me off the internet. Then it kept crashing when I was editing photos, then it wouldn't open the photos in Photoshop.
Thankfully all the latter problems have been resolved, but still no internet.

Oh wait - you're probably wondering how I'm posting this...? :)
My laptop has internet but all my photos + Photoshop are on my PC. I considered transferring the edited photos to my laptop and then blogging from here, but... Will see how much longer my PC decides to PMS :)

Hopefully I'll be back soon!

And because a post is just not the same without a picture - here's a photo of a farm in Tuscany

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