Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Best 6 years of my life


It was 6 years ago today.
He asked me if he could speak to me under the tree at break...
He nervously asked me if I’d be his girlfriend and I said yes. He replied with “I wanted to ask you on Valentine’s day but I just couldn’t wait any longer...”
And from that day I started falling...SONY DSC

Little did I know that the boy I started dating that day would become my best friend - and the man I will spend the rest of my life with.SONY DSC

Reasons why I love him:
1. He encourages me to pursue my dreams, no matter how ridiculous other people think they sound
2. He makes me feel like the sexiest girl alive when all I’m wearing is a baggy t-shirt, tracksuit pants and my hair hasn’t been brushed
3. He makes me happy - even if that means watching a chick-flick with me

4. He challenges me to be more. Where others expect me to fail he believes in me (sometimes more than I believe in myself)
5. He listens to me complain and lets me feel sorry for myself when I’m sick or hurt
6. He respects me and all the rules that came with dating me
7. He knows what I’m thinking without me having to say a word
8. He is loyal and dependable
9. He fights for me
10. He makes me long for a deeper relationship with our Father


Most of all I love him because he makes me comfortable in my own skin.
I love that when I’m weird, he’s weird with me.

I love that he takes charge but lets me make decisions too.

I love that he kisses me on the forehead and calls me “princess”.
I love that I feel safe in his arms.

I love that in 59 days I will be his Mrs!

P.S. Will post pictures soon of what we’re doing for our anniversary. I’m SUPER excited!
Happy Wednesday!

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