Friday, December 10, 2010

It’s personal...

I read - A LOT.
Books, magazines, articles, online magazines... When I read something inspiring / thought provoking I write it down, make a note of it on my phone or in most cases I copy the whole article into a Word document.
Recently I’ve decided that I want to share all these interesting things with you lovely people, so I’ve started posting them on my blog or making a Facebook note. But now I have the problem that my photography blog will be filled with mostly articles and I’m worried that people won’t stop by anymore when this blog stops having pretty pictures to look at Smile
For this reason I’ve created a brand new blog where I can post as many articles as I want. In case you’re interested in reading what inspires me / gets me thinking - please visit my new personal blog “In my head, In my heart

P.S. I will still be posting to this blog so please don’t stop popping by... I have a whole lot of photos that I still need to get around to posting...
P.P.S. Next year I’ll be better at regular blogging - I promise Open-mouthed smile



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