Friday, January 1, 2010


I missed the countdown!

By 10 to 12 I was standing on the beach watching the fireworks show and then suddenly Wihan said "Happy New Year my darling" and it was already a minute past! Usually everyone on the beach starts the 10 second countdown but somehow we missed it this year :(
Not such a big deal but I like sticking to certain traditions.

As I stood there on the beach admiring the full moon and the beauty of the ocean, I was amazed at God's creativity and awesomeness and I got really excited about the year ahead. And then I lost my phone...

That would be the first memorable 'event' I put on my list of 2010 - walking around on the beach at 1:15am, armed with a cellphone light as my torch, searching the sand for my cellphone. And then, just as I wanted to give up, I found it!

May the year ahead be filled with fantastic new and exciting opportunities, new friends, old friends and many great memories. And may you push through and reach your goals just before you feel like giving in.

Anything interesting happen with you this morning?

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